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Omron RX Inverter

The Omron RX range of AC inverter drives are general purpose inverters provide power options upto 132kW. The drives can be operated in sensorless vector control mode giving 200% torque at near zero speed (0.3Hz). The RX has the facility for closed loop feedback from the motor which will then enable full torque at zero speed. The drives also have built in EMC Filters, micro-surge suppression and selection of other functionality including communications interfaces which makes this drive very flexible.

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What is an “inverter”?

AC Inverters are devices for controlling motor speed by converting a DC voltage generated from your connected power supply to a varying frequency AC voltage which can control the speed of the connected motor. The development of semiconductor technology and the processing power of modern microprocessors have enhanced AC inverter drive performance significantly. When applied to industrial and environmental applications, they have improved productivity, reduced energy needs and made a huge contribution to the development of the motor control industry. They  have also brought about a substantial change to our lives. For example, airflow from air-conditioners, speed of elevators, pumps and fans can all be regulated by changing motor speed.  By regulating the speed, energy consumption is reduced which contributes to energy conservation.

Not sure that it is an Inverter you need? Inverters are called by different names and so it can be confusing, but essentially if you are looking for electronics to control the speed of an AC motor then it is likely that you are looking for an Inverter which can also be known as a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Variable Speed Drive (VSD), AC Drive, AC inverter drive, Frequency Converter or AC motor speed controller.

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